Terms and Conditions

Soundarya Club entitles you to a host of privileges. Our new Soundarya Club Membership works on a point-reward system with cashback.Please note that the Soundarya Club benefits do not apply to any Forest Essentials store,which is operating under a Shop-in-Shop format. We do not provide the Soundarya Loyalty benefits at our stores in Sephora India.

Accumulation of Points

  • Our new Soundarya Club Membership works on a point-reward system with cashback. The eligibility criteria for becoming a Soundarya Club Member is spending INR 5,000 on a single purchase, upon which, the purchaser is entitled to hold the Soundarya Card.
  • On every purchase of up to INR 8,999 earn 4% cashback, and on a purchase of INR 9,000 or higher earn 6% cashback (1 Reward Point = 1 INR).
  • If purchasing online,members must enter their loyalty card number on the Thank You page after placing the order. Points will be automatically updated once the invoicing is done for your online order. Please be informed that this updating of points is not on real time basis and the new balance may take up to 24 hours to reflect. You can also place a request at care.loyalty@forestessentialsindia.com by stating your online order no. as well as Soundarya Club membership number.
  • The accrued points are valid for a period of 12 months, whereby a new purchase within 12 months will add to the current points for a further period of 12 months.
  • The reward points which are awarded to the members on every purchase, keep getting accumulated in their account, until a Member uses these points to make another purchase.
  • Accumulated points are non-transferable, and points are only applicable to the card holder.

Redemption of Points

  • The members are required to present the Soundarya Card and an Identity Card for point redemption.
  • Once the accumulated points have been redeemed against a purchase, the transaction is final and the points cannot be reversed or reimbursed.
  • Members of the Soundarya Club can redeem their points for products while making a purchase, provided the number of points in the Member’s account are more than or equal to the price of the product they wish to purchase. In case, the number of points in the Member’s account is less than the total purchase value, the points can still be redeemed but the balance would have to be paid for, which would reflect on the bill with total purchase value.