Soundarya Club Membership FAQs

What are the benefits of the Soundarya Club membership?

Soundarya Club entitles you to a host of privileges. Our new Soundarya Club Membership works on a point-reward system with cashback. The eligibility criteria for becoming a Soundarya Club Member is spending INR 5,000 on a single purchase, upon which, the purchaser is entitled to hold the Soundarya Card.

On every purchase of up toINR 8,999 earn 4% cashback, and on a purchase of INR 9,000 or higher earn 6% cashback (1 Reward Point = 1 INR). Also, there are regular promotions, offers and sampling of the newly launched products, exclusively for the Soundarya Club Members.

How can I become a Soundarya Club Member by purchasing online?

On an online purchase worth INR 5000/- (excluding shipping charges) or above, the purchaser is entitled to become a member of the Soundarya Club. If interested in the membership, please select “Yes, interested in Membership” after placing the order on the Thank you page, and we would dispatch a Soundarya Card along with your order. Alternatively, you are eligible for the Soundarya Club Membership if you purchase products worth INR 5,000/- or above at any exclusive Forest Essentials retail stores across India.

How to access my Soundarya Club account online?

To access your Soundarya Club account online, log on to, click on "Loyalty Member Login" and "Sign Up". We strongly suggest the eligible purchasers to sign up and create their profile.Kindly avoid any misuse of the card.

When will the reward points be updated on my Card?

The reward points on your registered card are refreshed every minute, i.e. rewards earned on today's transaction at our stores will be updated onto your card within the next moment. For online transaction, the points would be updated when the invoice for your order is prepared at our warehouse. This might take 2-3 days.

How to pay using Soundarya Card?

Your Soundarya Card may be presented in full or part payment for goods at any Forest Essentials stores in India. Any remaining balance will be shown on your receipt and may be used against future purchases.

I am not carrying my card. Can I earn/redeem rewards for my purchase at store?

The Card needs to be swiped for you to earn/redeem rewards. Please bring your Card every time you visit Forest Essential store.

How can I check the balance/ expiry date on my card?

You can check your card balance and expiry date of your reward points at any Forest Essentials store. Or mail us at: for this.

Would I get reward points for my online purchases?

Yes, on every online purchase, Soundarya Club members entitled to earn reward points. Please enter your loyalty card number on the Thank You page after placing the order and points will be automatically updated once the invoicing is done for your online order. Please be informed that this updating of points is not on real time basis and may take up to 24 hours to reflect. You can also place a request at stating your online order no. as well as Soundarya Club membership number.

How do I redeem my points for products?

You can redeem your Soundarya points against your order value on the cart page by selecting “Soundarya Loyalty Points Redemption”. You will have to enter your 16 digit Soundarya card number printed on the back side on the card along with your password.If you have not created a password for your Loyalty account, please sign up here ( and create one.

Can I earn points on the Forest Essentials Online store and redeem them at any Forest Essentials store or vice versa?

Yes, you can earn points at our online store and redeem them at our offline store or vice versa. Please note that the Soundarya Club benefits may not apply to any Forest Essentials store which is operating under a Shop in Shop format. We do not provide the Soundarya Loyalty benefits at our stores in Sephora India.

What is the validity of my Soundarya Card?

The Soundarya Loyalty card has lifetime validity but if the card is not used for more than 12 months for the purpose of updating or redemption of points, the reward points will expire and lapse after a period of 12 months of no use.

What happens when the reward points expire? How do I protect my reward points from expiring?

When the reward points expire, the value on the Card will be cancelled and it will show zero balance. To protect the reward points from expiring, ensure that you use the Card at least once in 12 months.

How can I protect the balance on my card in case the card is lost or damaged?

The balance on your Soundarya Card is secure. You can visit any Forest Essentials stores in India and upon verification of your details you would be issued a new card. Please ask our store staff to help you with the process.